Welcome to Amped PR. Welcome to excellence.

Welcome to excellence. Amped PR is a collective of writers, creators, taste makers, and game changers with one mission – tell your story in the twenty-first century. Combining the best tactics of the old guard with modern innovations and fresh thinking, we deliver the best possible results for modern brands, talent, and initiatives getting their start. We’re bringing your perspective to the gate keepers of the world and amplifying what makes you great because great is truly what you are. Welcome to the new communications game. Welcome to excellence.

Welcome to Amped PR.


Public Relations

You have a story to tell and we’re here to tell it. From strategic media plays to meaningful press placements, we’ll bring you to the table with the world’s most influential editors.

Marketing Strategy

Launching your business? Designing a new logo? Rethinking your SEO strategy? Our network of creatives and strategists lives and breathes marketing. It’s the bread and butter of what we do.

Social Media Management

Posts, stories, engagement, content. It’s a lot to handle, but we have the secret sauce. Our team can manage your presence across platforms to create your brand and grow your audience.

VIP Relations & Influencer Marketing

Let’s get your name into the spotlight. Let us introduce you and your story to everyone who’s anyone, from social media stars to A-list celebs. Get ready for them to be asking for YOUR autograph.


Beauty & Fashion

From the boutiques of Paris to the runways of New York, we’ve worked with brands across the world both big and small. Whether it’s skincare or evening wear, we love telling the story of a gorgeous brand.


Giving back matters most. Our team proudly represents a range of nonprofit organizations, many with discounted and pro bono services. Let’s work together and truly make a difference.


Music. Movies. Video games. There’s no industry like our industry. The Amped team is based in Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world, and we’re here to make sure your project’s name ends up in lights.


It’s the 21st Century and everything (plus everyone) has its own lifestyle brand. We’re here to highlight yours. From fitness to home, tech to education, and personalities to art – we like to celebrate life with style.

A few of our team members’ clients past and present …